Benefits of Sliding Door Systems

Tomma Door Sliding Door Systems 7400 Series

What are the benefits of the sliding door system? 

 Security is an important consideration when investing in sliding doors.

 Tomma’s sliding door systems offers you security and style with its unique compact track and high load capacity. The Tommaslide 300 system is a modern design top hung sliding door, with a lifetime smooth glide operation cycle, so smooth it can be moved with one finger.

 Our clear picture guide allows for a hassle-free installation, the glide mechanism is tested over and over to ensure the best possible performance over time. A sliding door system can provide efficient insulation, ensuring that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Energy-efficient glazing can prevent energy loss as well as reducing condensation on the glass. 

Natural light is very important to our everyday well-being. As a result of our patented design, our systems not only save space but allow the natural light into your living areas as well as providing an unobstructed view and access to your outdoor spaces. 

Folding Door Systems

 Sliding patio and french doors can be impractical in tight spaces, such as when opening onto a balcony or patio, Tomma’s bi-fold door systems allow doors to fold away neatly and does not restrict access. Built to fold and stack neatly against one or both sides when open, Bi-fold doors can be an ideal solution for wheelchair users allowing people to move freely inside and outside or from one room to another with easy accessibility.

 On hot days, fully-opening your bi-fold patio doors will provide ventilation through your home as well as creating a larger living space. Tomma’s Folding Door Systems are fully tested to suit all weather conditions.

 Tomma are the market leaders for Folding Door Systems, offering quality with style and security. Our innovative approach keep us ahead of the competition. Tomma bi-fold doors are extremely secure and can be installed in both domestic and commercial environments. 

 The Benefits of a Soft Close Door

 Tomma also offers a soft close door system. Operation is smooth and effortless, helping to prevent children from trapping their fingers. The soft close door system has been tested for over 100,000 cycles and comes with a 10-year warranty. 

 Our Soft close door system reduces damage to door frames from slamming doors. The soft close feature ensures doors are always closed properly, reducing maintenance and extending the life of your doors. Soft-close systems have hydraulics built into them, so when you close the door, the hydraulics take over and ease the door closed silently. Not all self-closing rollers are soft-closing as the familiar tell-tale "thump" sound demonstrates. 

 Soft-close is a door roller system that incorporates a mechanism which activates when the door is within a few inches of the shut position and brings the door gently closed.

The Tomma soft close door System is a leading product in Australia, and has been designed by highly experienced engineers, to ensure that our customers are purchasing the very best quality item that will provide years of service. Each Soft Close Cylinder is Robotically Tested and the Fast Fix Bracket provides a fast & easy door mounting process.


At Tomma we enjoy a challenge, and pride themselves at being the best in their field. Tomma can assist you in designing your home or work space. Adding value and a new fresh look to your room making your vision a reality. 

Here at Tomma we are used to developing large scale design solution's, through to the simplest applications. Innovation is at the core of our business, and here at Tomma we apply the latest innovative technology, with our 3D printing technology combined with 3D computer aided design drawings we can illustrate and to bring your vision to life. 

Tomma are always ready to answer your questions, their website shows a wide range of products from windows to door hardware. Tomma also provides easy to read installation guides for do it yourself installation. And as always providing quality products with quality service.

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