TOMMA’s 7000 series is high performance dual wheel bottom sliding door roller manufactured with double sealed, stainless steel bearings. The 7000 series wheels are then riveted to a stainless-steel carriage for ultimate strength. Larger 36 mm wheels are used in the 7000 series patented design, achieving a 25% reduction in operating force in comparison to existing patio door products available. Built with a patented design allowing up to 10.0mm full adjustment under load. The 7000 series sliding door roller will allow you to smoothly operate doors up to 240kg, achieving an effortless operation synonymous with all TOMMA products.

7000 Series Tyre Options

Plastic Tyre Option – Dual Plastic Tyred Wheels, S/S double sealed bearings, rated at 90kg per roller, enhancing the products life cycle.

Stainless Steel Tyre Option - Dual Stainless Steel Tyred Wheel, S/S double sealed bearings, rated at 120kg per roller, for premium strength.

Custom Outer Carriage Design Options

The 7000 series dual wheel bottom sliding door rollers are placed in a reinforced plastic polymer outer carriage that has various designs to fit into existing generic door tracks. The 7000 series outer carriage can also be customised specifically to suit your desired door tracks ensuring you can utilise the supreme quality given by the 7000 series door roller.

Features and Benefits

  • New captive screw adjustment
  • Easy rolling, bigger wheels
  • Achieves 25% reduction in operating force
  • Load capacity of up to 240kg doors
  • Available in plastic or stainless steel
  • Easily customised out carriage options
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Customisation for individual extrusions
  • Double sealed bearings