Door Rollers - A Quality Design

Tomma offers a large selection of quality engineered door rollers, all offering a supreme build and quality design with the ability to support panels up to 400kg.

The prime example is the Tomma’s mega rollers the construction is comprised of an all-stainless-steel carriage supported by a patented polymer tyre material preventing any track wear and removing anodising. As with all of Tomma’s hardware, they move smoothly, with only 7-newton metres of operating force, this is due to the larger wheel design.

Moving on to the Tomma’s 7400 high-performance quad wheel bottom sliding door roller, it also boasts stainless steel bearings that are riveted to the stainless-steel carriage for strength, this ensures an effortless operation, as with all Tomma Products.

With the Tomma wheel rollers, you have a choice of tyre options. Dual Plastic tyred Wheels which enhance the products life cycle, you can also choose a stainless tyred Wheel offering premium strength, as expected from Tomma as they come with a 10-year warranty.

Stacking Doors - Is It the Way to Go?

If you have a wide doorway, a balcony or even a porch opening, it is likely that you won't have the space for folding doors, sliding and stacking doors are a great way to fix this situation, the sections of the doors all stack to one side of the opening, this is a great way to stop them coming into your living area.

Tomma offers some great inward and outward door system hardware. All uniquely designed for easy installation, suitable for residential or commercial properties, all Tomma window and door systems are tested to ensure quality is achieved in all types of weather conditions, and you can trust that the systems come with one-hand adjustment design providing hassle-free installation.

Tomma’s patented heavy-duty door and window systems are sure to keep your doors in place for years to come. Tomma’s excellent opening action reduces on-going maintenance, all fittings are pre-adjusted so that anyone can install them, and as usual, all products come with a 10-year guarantee. 

Bi-fold vs. Sliding

More and more we want to bring the outside into our lives; creating large light-filled open spaces to enjoy the best of both the inside and the outside. Large doors allow us to achieve this, but how do you choose what is right for you? Let us first look at the two main systems to achieve this, and what each system is about.

Bi folds are made up of folding door panels referred to as a leaf. They are generally made of multiple configurations or leaves either folding in one direction or both directions like a concertina.

NOTE to self: You can get one leaf as an active door so that it can be used to go in and out without having to open the entire door system.

Sliding stacking doors are where two panels slide behind one fixed panel, and if there are multiple panels; the same action occurs. Each panel collects and interlocks with the next causing it to slide. With stacking doors, the door and flyscreen come as one secure, solid, and child-resistant unit. They are more cost effective in both construction and installation. They can be manufactured to be hidden in a cavity-type recess in the wall. Opening each panel means sliding one which collects the next, and so on.

Window Hardware - The Best on the Market

Tomma offers a large selection of window rollers. All Tomma window hardware is expertly designed assuring you of the highest quality and making sure they are the most effective in today's market. 

All operable windows come equipped with hardware, the mechanisms used for opening and closing the sash, latches, and so forth. Here is a look at the key types of hardware, the best casement, awning, and hopper hinges pivot to allow arm space between the sash and the window frame to make washing exterior glass an easy job.

Because the hardware locks tightly in several places around the frame, the windows have very low air infiltration, the European-style window mechanism swings into the room, which can be awkward and inconvenient depending on the type of window coverings you have.

On double-hung windows, the sash is counterbalanced on the sides by weights or mechanisms such as torsion screws. The sashes of most aluminium and vinyl windows are lightweight enough to slide in the sill tracks. But large door-height sashes must be supported by heavy-duty rollers and that's where Tomma comes in offering window hardware and roller systems for every type of window. Tomma’s range of window rollers systems offers choice and versatility to the customer or company, used in the domestic market or the business world.

Quality is assured when you buy from Tomma, as always, you an rely on our 10-year guarantee, unbeatable customer service, and the willingness to offer you exactly what you ask for.

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